We seek to build a movement that embraces all children, all families.

This is never about “those” children, but rather “everyone’s child.” We move on many fronts.

Most recently, we are embarked on The Children’s Movement of Florida.

The Children’s Movement of Florida

The Children’s Movement of Florida is a citizen-led, non-partisan grassroots movement to educate political, business, and civic leaders across the state with the ultimate goal of making children Florida’s No. 1 priority.

Led by Lawrence, president of the Early Childhood Initiative Foundation, and Sergio Bendixen, internationally known pollster and political strategist, The Children’s Movement of Florida seeks to build both significant and real political power for Florida’s youngest citizens.

With a statewide steering committee consisting of 27 distinguished business, political and civic leaders, The Children’s Movement is purposefully bipartisan – 12 Democrats, 12 Republicans and 3 independents.

In September 2010, The Children’s Movement embarked on the “Milk Party” tour, hosting rallies in 17 Florida communities from Pensacola to Key West.

With hundreds — and often more than a thousand — in attendance at each event, 15,000 Floridians ultimately came together for the cause of children.

Newspapers and television and radio stations from across the state featured The Children’s Movement in more than a hundred articles, columns, editorials and stories.

Now with a base of supporters numbering more than 140,000 and staffed with people passionate about changing the priorities of our state, The Children’s Movement continues to mobilize, motivate and grow.

Regional coordinators throughout the state have been hired to oversee regional steering committees, attend legislative delegation meetings, and build awareness beyond the 17 communities visited in September.