National Park Half Marathons

National Park Half Marathons

National Park Half Marathons are a unique way to enjoy the beauty of nature while participating in a run.

These events take place in some of the most scenic areas in the United States, including Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Zion National Parks.

Regardless of your running level, you are sure to find a course to suit your abilities.

Zion National Park Half Marathon

The Zion National Park Half Marathon is a great race for any fitness level.

It’s a beautiful course that takes you through the breathtaking canyons of southern Utah.

This race starts at sunrise and ends before the park closes for the day.

The park’s dramatic red rock formations provide stunning views of the canyon floor.

Zion National Park’s stunning scenery makes running this half marathon a memorable experience.

The trails wind through the park, which is a popular destination for mountain bikers.

The half marathon course also includes a single-track trail section.

The race is a great way to experience the park without being exposed to the sweltering summer heat.

Runners will need to provide their own transportation to the start line.

Yosemite National Park Half Marathon

The Yosemite National Park Half Marathon is a great way to experience the beautiful park without committing to a full marathon.

You’ll run on flat roads in a stunning desert landscape surrounded by magnificent peaks and towering trees.

You’ll also get to experience the park’s unique flora and fauna.

The race is run in partnership with the Yosemite Conservancy, which provides free water and food to runners.

The Yosemite National Park Half Marathon is part of a series of National Park Half Marathons.

The course begins in Bass Lake, CA, just outside the park. The course includes a scenic 5-mile downhill section and a flat 3-mile finish around Bass Lake.

In May, the lake is often filled with runners and spectators.

The race sells out quickly, so be sure to register early to avoid disappointment.

Grand Teton National Park Half Marathon

The Grand Teton National Park Half Marathon is a scenic half marathon held annually in Jackson, Wyoming.

The race features stunning scenery and cool swag. The course is relatively flat and fast.

It includes pavement and dirt trails and offers stunning views of the Grand Teton range.

The course features paved roads and a few sections of hard-packed dirt trails.

Runners can enjoy the stunning scenery while enjoying the fresh air and local wildlife.

The race is open to all levels of runners, including wheelchair users.

It is a popular event that attracts people from all over the world.

The Grand Teton Half Marathon is a point-to-point course through the Jackson Hole area.

It crosses the Snake River twice before finishing in sight of the majestic Teton Mountain range.

The course is 13.1 miles long and starts and finishes at the Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis Club, near the South Entrance of the park.

The terrain consists of paved roads, dirt roads, and jogging trails.

Everglades Half Marathon

The Everglades Half Marathon and 5K is an annual event in Homestead, FL, USA.

It includes a timed Half Marathon and a 5K race.

In addition, the park is home to various ultramarathons, including the 50K and 25K.

The event is produced by Vacation Races and is part of the National Park Half Marathon Series.

The park’s pristine landscape offers a unique environment to runners. Runners can see wildlife in the park’s diverse habitats.

Several landmarks are within walking and running distances, including Ballard’s Cabin (affectionately known as “the Fakahatchee Hilton”).

The event also includes the “EVERGLADES ULTRAS,” which has been held every year since 2012.

Mount Rushmore Half Marathon

The Mount Rushmore Half Marathon is a scenic course that has beautiful views and is sure to be a challenging workout.

You’ll wind through the Black Hills Forrest and see Mount Rushmore in all its glory.

And if you’re new to running, you can train for it with a 21-day training plan, offered by Vacation Races.

The program begins on August 27, with a short introductory e-mail and video.

The next week you’ll get a supplemental e-mail with a video that will be helpful during your training.

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