The Best Airplane Toys For a One Year Old

The Best Airplane Toys For a One Year Old

The best airplane toys for a one-year-old are usually a combination of several different toys.

These can be anything from a Melissa and Doug shape sorter to a stuffed Penguin.

They also come in different versions for different ages. Luckily, you can find one for your little one that meets all your requirements.

Oombee Cube Sorter

If you’re traveling with a small child, an Oombee Cube Sorter is a great option.

It is light and compact, and can help your child develop fine motor skills while traveling. It is also easy to pack.

The OombeeCube has six colorful shapes that your child will enjoy playing with.

They’re made of 100% food-grade silicone, and they fit perfectly into the cube’s cutout spaces.

Your child will love pounding on the balls, and they’ll learn about cause and effect while playing.

Oombee Cube Sorter: This award-winning toy is perfect for traveling.

It’s lightweight and portable and will keep your child entertained for hours on end. It’s a great tactile toy that also works as a teething toy.

Oombee Cube Sorter: This fun airplane-themed toy helps your child develop fine motor skills and develop shape recognition.

Your child can also learn about colors with this toy. It’s one of the top-selling toys on Amazon for toddlers, and your little one will love using it!

Oombee Cube Sorter: This colorful toy is the perfect size for your toddler to play with on the airplane.

It features many different pieces, which makes it easy to pack.

It can be used in the airplane bassinet or once you’ve arrived at your destination.

The Sassy Ring-O-Links Teethers are another great choice.

They come in bright colors and have different textures that your toddler will love.

Penguin stuffie

This plush Penguin stuffie is a fun way to promote motor skills and development.

The animal features buckles on its belly and back which allows your child to practice clasping.

It is also decorated with shapes and numbers. It’s a great choice for travel, especially if you’re flying with a young child.

Melissa and Doug shape sorter

Introducing the world of shapes is an important milestone for your baby, and one of the most popular toys for one-year-olds is the Melissa and Doug shape sorter airplane toy.

It comes with a fun magnetic board that opens up to form a scene for your child to play in.

The set includes different characters that your child can explore and identify.

It’s also a great way to encourage your child’s imagination.

Another Melissa & Doug toy for one-year-olds is the K’s Kids line, which offers a variety of educational toys that nurture early development.

These toys are ideal for babies and toddlers and feature multisensory elements and crinkly flaps.

These toys promote constructive play, as well as effortless learning.

The Take-Along Shape Sorter by Melissa and Doug is another excellent choice.

This toy is perfect for little hands, and the pieces are easy to place in the holes without assistance.

This airplane toy is also useful for traveling as it fits on the tray of your baby’s seat.

Go Happy Kids Tray

With its raised border, the Go Happy Kids Tray prevents airplane toys from sliding off mid-flight.

It is made from BPA-free ABS plastic and is FDA and EU-approved.

The tray’s surface is also a dry-erase whiteboard, so your child can write on it without worrying about germs.

Another great airplane toy for babies is the Skip Hop Baby Activity and Teething Elephant.

This toy provides textures and surfaces your baby will love, and it is designed to keep them quiet and happy.

For young babies, sensory toys are a great source of entertainment.

This review was written by Laci Lynch, mom of two and blogger at Meandering Little Feet.

This tray is thin and convenient, slipping into any bag or backpack without taking up much space.

It is also easy to clean, with its removable silicone cover and washable drawstring bag.

This tray is also great for other public places. While it is not an essential travel item, it is worth considering for travel with a young child.

When traveling with babies, make sure to pack extra toys for their convenience and entertainment.

Babies will not want to sit still for too long, and airplane toys can provide the entertainment needed to keep them busy during long flights.

Many airlines even provide soft toys and other in-flight entertainment.

Crayola airplane toy

Crayola’s airplane toy is perfect for toddlers and young children alike.

It features a moving plane that bumps into objects and can be controlled by pressing different buttons.

It’s also made with 4 different levels of difficulty, ranging from Easy to Extra Hard.

Toddlers will love chasing the plane around the room, and it can also help teach ABCs and numbers.

The toy includes lights that give it an even greater sensory experience.

This toy can be used by babies as young as six months old. It comes with a carrying case and a coloring pad and drawing paper.

These colorful and portable airplanes can entertain kids for hours and can also help them learn how to write and color.

It’s small and lightweight, making it ideal for traveling.

Another great airplane toy for toddlers is a coloring book. With Crayola’s special coloring papers, toddlers can color without a mess.

They can also work on their books alone. A coloring book is an easy and convenient airplane toy.

While you’re traveling, you’ll be able to spend time talking with your toddler about the pictures.

Other great airplane toys include a magnetic board that can be used to create a scene.

It features various characters that can be used as play pieces for toddlers.

You can also purchase stickers to display your toddler’s artwork. They come in many different colors, and the bright colors are a great way to get your toddler’s imagination going.

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